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The must-have tool for Reefers, now available as App:(If the app is installed on a device in which the system language is not "German", the app switches to the "English" language)
- Documentation of water parameters as chart or table
- Realistic estimation of salt amount needed for your next „water change“ or „adaptation of salt content“ based on values measured with test sets / reference solutions typically used by aquarists.
- Tank specific dosing of nutrients (Nitrate und Phosphate)
- Balling Calculator: Forget about expensive water conditioners! Aqua Calculator calculates stoichiometric exact dosage of so called Balling salts (2/3 part recipes) and als standard solutions for adaptation of Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesia.
- Conversion of measured values for reef tanks
- Detailed Preferences for measurement tools used, as well as Balling recipes.
- Mini-FAQ: Answers the most important questions for adaptation of water values.